CIS, Inc. was established in 1984 by Alan Guggenheim to provide marketing, sales and business development/strategic planning consulting services.  Through the years, Alan and his team have expanded CIS’ marketing consulting and sales consulting services to cater to emerging and high-growth markets within the high-technology arenas (Computer, Internet, Telecommunication, Media, Cyber-Security, and Healthcare).

Business Development

CIS, Inc. is strategically located between the fastest growing consumer markets in the world. Because our strong determination has forged a bond with the North American professional community, our business partners represent the highest echelon of commerce and industry.

Our commitment is to establish a business presence for each client and an international identity which can be recognized through our outstanding business services.

CIS, Inc. unique expertise in the high technology marketplace enables us to assist our clients in positioning their companies, organizations, and products for the future. We have experience in many areas relating to business development and overall corporate management consulting.

Business Strategy

Superior market and business management counseling blended with excellent working skills for 36 years has earned CIS, Inc. an outstanding reputation.

Our sophisticated and varied range of client services are designed to meet individual needs and market objectives. CIS, Inc. fulfills your international business needs with a committed and qualified staff, serving your business expectations to the fullest.

CIS, Inc. offers a wide range of services that combines specified day-to-day business management with innovative and creative business solutions that benefit our clients for years to come.

We are dedicated to representing our international clients with integrity, efficiency, and professional excellence. In the competitive business arena of today, CIS, Inc. guidance provides for the individual and corporation alike, warranting long-term success and growth